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Is Your Website Trauma-Informed?

Hosted by: North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Organizations serving victims of trauma may have multiple touchpoints with clients, but one of the first may be the agency's website. When people come to your website, are you helping them feel empowered? Or are you aggravating symptoms of trauma itself? Considering the overlapping principles of user experience (UX) and SAMHSA's Six Key Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach, NCCADV has examined what a trauma-informed website would look like. We will share about building trust, ensuring safety, and much more. Keeping in mind the neurological, social, and physiological effects of trauma and IPV, we will review what website features may be most user-friendly and what's likely frustrating. We'll look at real world website examples, both positive and negative, from NCCADV and agencies throughout the country. Webinar participants will gain practical suggestions and free tools to make effective changes to improve their websites immediately.

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