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Advocate Lessons: How Law Enforcement Responds to and Investigates Sexual Assault Cases (Part 3: CCR Problem-Solving Services: The Role of Law Enforcement)

Hosted by: Battered Women's Justice Project

Although the crimes of domestic violence and sexual assault share many common issues and are similarly traumatizing to victims in impact, the response to sexual assault crimes by law enforcement and advocates implicates other tasks and responsibilities. In this webinar, our presenters will discuss how police officers response to sexual assault cases initially and through investigation and how advocates who understand these law enforcement responsibilities and requirements can better support victims of sexual assault through a legal process that may compound the initial impact of the crime itself. Join BWJP for the third session in this CCR Problem-Solving Series to discuss law enforcement's response to and investigation of sexual assault cases, including effective interviewing of sexual assault investigations and how advocates can support victims through this difficult process. Our presenters will also share privacy concerns that may be unique to sexual assault cases and how law enforcement and advocates can address these issues. We will also discuss intimate partner sexual assault and the issues that are unique to those cases.

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