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After the Interview - Now the Work Begins: Corroborating Evidence and Case Review

Hosted by: End Violence Against Women International

Sexual assault can be some of the most challenging cases to investigate and prosecute. Being able to paint a clear picture of what the victim actually experienced during a sexual assault will assist prosecutors when presenting these cases in court. In the age of television shows like CSI, juries want more than just testimony: they want physical evidence. Corroborating victim testimony is crucial in order to prepare the best possible case. We now know that trauma plays a major role in the memories of victims who have experienced a traumatic event. What we also need to know is how to corroborate sensory testimony with evidence to present to the prosecutors and the jury. This training will provide case material on corroborating evidence. We will look at crime scene photos that will show in detail what the victim disclosed and then how the evidence was gathered. ASA Hicks will explain in detail how corroborating evidence can be the difference between simply filing a case and obtaining a guilty verdict.

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